Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cold War Test Prep

So, I am hoping that the competitive fire in all of you will come out as you study for your last history test of the year.  Reminder that your test will comprise of content from chapters 6, 7 and 8 in Counterpoints - the Cold War Era + Canadian Identity.  

TEST FORMAT: Multiple Choice & Short Answer questions.  You must be familiar with specific examples, all of the major vocabulary, and important people.  It will also be important that you understand the connections between different events, and how they all help to define the nature of "canadian culture".  


  1. Autonomy - how did Canada become less dependent on Britain, and more dependent on the United States.
  2. How did Canada work to protect its arts and culture from "American Invasion"?
  3. How did the protest movements of the 1960's develop as a result from the conformist nature of 1950's society?
  4. How did Canada establish itself as a 'middle power' in foreign affairs during the Cold war era?
  5. How did the welfare state develop in Canada?
  6. How did French-English relations shape Canadian identity in the twentieth century?
  7. How has immigration shaped Canadian identity? 
  8. What challenges have Aboriginal peoples faced since the time of first contact? 
Short Answer Hints: 
  • Explain why the Dew Lines and Pinetree Lines were controversial in Canada
  • Should Canada have a multicultural or melting pot policy towards minorities in Canada?
  • Explain the importance of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to Canadian society. 
  • Explain the importance of the patriation of the Constitution
  • Explain why Aboriginal peoples feel that their culture is threatened by Canadian society?
  • Describe the ways in which the Canadian government attempted to assimilate the Aboriginal population. 
  • Describe Canada's connection to peacekeeping, as well as some examples of Canadian participation in peacekeeping
  • Explain how the separatism movement gained power in Quebec. 
  • Explain why French Canadians were upset over the failures of the Meech Lake Accord and Charlotttetown Accords.
  • Do you believe that Pierre Trudeau acted appropriately in using the War Measures Act against the FLQ?
  • Explain why "Trudeaumania" took over Canada in the early 1970s. 
  • Describe the three protests movements of the 1960s (youthquake, women's movement, environmental movement)
  • Explain some of the reasons why province in the west suffer from "Western Alienation"
  • What would be some of the political, economic and social consequences of the separation of Quebec from Canada.
Good luck studying.  Don't forget to examine political cartoons throughout the chapter, and to review the focus questions at the beginning of each chapter. 


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